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Sharah Trigger

Kitchen Manager

My cooking style is thoughtful, innovative and flavorful! I recommend ordering our Asheville Honey-Hot Chicken sandwich, your tastebuds will thank you!

My Story

I've been cooking ever since I could sit in the kitchen and help my mom. In school I decided I wanted to attend Vo-Tech for the Culinary Arts program. At that time I was especially fond of baking and pastry arts and wanted to open my own bakery. In my last year there I met a guy who had been diagnosed with Celiac's disease (allergy to wheat) who later became my husband.


After meeting him and realizing that I could help him by cooking, I shifted my main focus to more savory cooking. I started reading cook books and blogs, anything I could find on gluten free baking and learning how to adapt recipes for him. 


I love entertaining for our friends and family and I knew I wanted to cook for a living since school. After catering our wedding and everyone telling me how amazing the food was (even now, 7 years later) I had a lot more confidence in myself and I knew this was the path I wanted to continue on, and we knew it was a path we could follow together. 

Signature Dish

My signature dish is the Brisket Taco. Here is the story behind that.  We are friends with Massachusetts based band Ice Nine Kills, whose guitarist is from Lancaster. We went out to eat with them in Philadelphia while they were on tour and they chose a taco restaurant. We chose to build our own tacos and mine consisted of brisket, corn salsa, avocado ranch, and queso fresco cheese and I fell in love with it. As soon as we got home I decided to try and remake it and add my own little touches and it was amazing. That is still one of my favorite meals I've ordered from a restaurant. 

Bobby Trigger

Business Manager

The most rewarding part of my position is meeting new people, making new friends, and sharing our love of food with the community.

My Story

I started working in the restaurant industry while I was in school, by way of bussing tables at Whitetail resort. After I got out of school I started waiting tables, then moved to the grill line, and then shift leading. After a few years I decided to take advantage of the management training the store offered and became an Associate Manager. In this position I worked a lot on the human resources side and really enjoyed that aspect of the job. My wife and I knew we wanted to pursue our own restaurant and we naturally found our strengths to balance each other. We just had to figure out how we could put our knowledge and abilities to use. 

Favorite Belle's Kitchen Dish

I can't really choose just one item, so I would say I would start off with the Hog on a Stick candied bacon, then the Brisket Tacos!

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